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‘1092’ Helpline Code for DHA Karachi Residents

For facilitation of customers and residents of DHA Karachi, a Call Center has been established by DHA Karachi / DHA City. 4 digit Call Center telephone number is 1092.

‘1092’ Helpline Code for DHA Karachi Residents

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  1. Shan elahi says:

    I want to complain about street light out side my home kindly check it as soon as possible as I live opposite masjid e hamza it is very necessary to b check soon.101/3 khy e qasim phase 8 dha karachi

  2. Mrs Sohail says:

    I like to complain about increasing number of beggars in chota Bhukhari phase 6 dha.They are becoming a nuisance now.

  3. Adnan says:

    Now a days there is number of snatching activities of cell phones and bikes in sunset commercial streets therefore you are requested to increase patrolling around these streets

  4. Ahsan kapadia says:

    Street light problem near my house at khayaban-e-itehad phase 7 …. Please solve the issue.

  5. Farhan says:

    Street light problem at 244/1 31st Street Khy Iqbal Phase 8 DHA

  6. Mrs.Bhatti says:

    Serious water issue. ..phase 6 khayaban e bokhari Street 7. .
    Pl resolve the problem and supply the water on regular basis.

  7. Mrs Jeeva says:

    I live in DHA phase 4, near gizri graveyard gate 4. There is a lot of household waste gathered here, which is causing a lot of smell, mosquitoes and flies. Not only is this an eye soar standing on our terrace but also bad for health. The filth is gathering day by day and the Defence authorities garbage collection truck doesnt come daily. We have 3 little children under the age of 1 and it is quite hazardous and harmful for their health. This can cause malaria, Dengue and other environmental born disease. Can you please look into this as a matter of urgency.

    As a first step send the garbage collection team to get all the garbage. Secondary you can get few large wheely bins for the residents to throw their garbage.


  8. Kirmani says:

    Street light problem in street number 6 , khayaban e badban , defence phase 5. Light next to house number 69.

  9. nasir says:

    Dear concerned,

    There is a wealthy bootlegger who lives in khayaban e shahbaz defence karachi, who sells alcohol illegally. 90 percent of his customers are Muslims, he does not have a liscense to sell alcohol. He sells alcohol in public areas especially behind pizza hut at khayaban e shahbaz where he calls his clients and delivers the bottles. He smuggles imported alcohol bottles and does not pay any tax. Please do something and stop this nonsense. He is doing an illegal business defying all rules n regulations. He runs a commercial business from a residential space which is not allowed as per DHA regulations. He sells illegal alcohol to Muslims which is also breaking the rules of Pakistani and shariah law. He uses public spaces for delivery of alcohol. He bribes the local police and authority so he can operate without any problems.

    If sindh high court has stopped alcohol selling businesses…. this nonsense should also stop especially from residential localities. I will be taking this to the top most authorities until this nonsense stops. His number is 0300 8278966. His name is shahbaz.

    Please do something to save our society.

    out concerned Pakistani citizen

  10. Sumaira Asad says:

    I would like to complaint about waste thats being thrown right infront of my house on an empty plot. There is no disposal box kept there. However people keep throwing trash there. A chinese couple lives next door and he is also not happy with it. A few months back he had posted on a board not to throw trash there and now today i am going to put a printed poster there. However, unless proper action is taken i dont think people will stop throwing trash there. Street 37 kh e muhafiz near ADMC
    Thank you

  11. Nighat says:

    Street lights on West Avenue and North Avenue have been n for three days. Can anyone please switch them off?! Sunday 30 April

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