12 Frequently Asked Questions By DHA City Karachi Plot Owners

12 Frequently Asked Questions By DHA City Karachi Plot OwnersDHA Karachi has launched another land mark project “DHA CITY KARACHI” on Super Highway, located at 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport. Total available land in DHA City Karachi is 11640 acres out of which around 5000 acres land is being offered for allotment to various categories. For the first time the plots are also being offered to all citizens of Pakistan in open ballot on very easy 9 – 10 years payment plan. Here are 12 Frequently Asked Questions by DHA City Karachi Plot Owners:

1. I am a successful candidate of DHA City Karachi Project, but still I have not been intimated or received any letter from DHA?

According to DHA policy, they will ensure delivery of information letter along with payment schedule and membership form to every individual by 15th Feb 2010 the latest.

2. Is DHA Membership separate from DHA City Karachi Membership?

Yes, DHA Membership is not valid for DHA City Karachi. DHA City Karachi membership is required separately for DHA City Karachi plots.

3. Can we transfer membership to any of our relatives?

No, Membership is restricted to the individual itself and cannot be transferred to husband / wife / children etc or to any other person.

4. How can I sell the plot of DHA City Karachi?

After acquiring Membership of DHA City Karachi, plot can be transferred on Information Letter, after paying registration fee of membership and payment of 25% of balance amount. Remaining balance of payment will be paid by the transferee as per given schedule.

5. What would I do if courier service rider visits my house only once and after a week he does not come again?

Once the courier rider visit your house and you were not available at house, in this regard please contact nearest TCS office along with your CNIC card to collect personally or else visit DHA Head Office Transfer and Record Directorate to collect your letter, in case TCS office has returned the same to DHA.

6. What are the benefits of DHA City Karachi Membership?

Once availing the membership of DHA City Karachi, you can proceed on multi sale / purchase of plots, it will also facilitate you to become the member of DHA City Karachi Projects i.e. Clubs, Libraries etc.

7. If I am living abroad and have no proper address what should I do to collect my letter?

While living abroad if you wish to authorize any individual here in Karachi you should simply adopt a procedure through which any individual can collect your Information Letter and Membership Form. Write an application along with your signature, attach copies of CNIC of both (self, to whom you are authorizing), get the application and CNICs attested through the Embassy of Pakistan and post it back to the authorized individual, who would be able to collect documents on your behalf from DHA Head Office Karachi.

8. Can I authorize someone to collect my letter on my behalf?

Yes you can authorize any individual to collect your Information Letter and Membership Form by adopting a simple procedure, you have to personally visit DHA Head Office at Transfer and Record Directorate along with the person whom you wish to authorize, you may visit the Administrative Officer (AO) and sign your authority letter in front of AO.

9. What is the process of Membership for DHA City Karachi while I am abroad / overseas?

Once you receive the membership form get it completely filled, attach relevant documents with demand draft and get it attested by the Embassy of Pakistan and send it back to DHA Head Office. We will accept and process your membership but it is mandatory to have your digital photograph and fingerprints which will be done whenever you visit DHA Head Office Karachi for the complete process of DHA City Karachi Membership.

10. I have applied through other Category and received the membership form of different category what should I do?

You may kindly visit DHA Head Office personally to collect the correct Membership Form and if you are abroad send the form back to us and we will ensure sending you the correct form.

11. What is the procedure of refund for unsuccessful candidates?

If you had deposited the pay order / demand draft personally at DHA Head Office, you may get refund from the same, and if you had applied through bank, contact the relevant bank for refund of your amount, as all banks have been instructed by DHA for refund of your deposited amount.

12. I am successful candidate but I want to cancel / surrender my plot of DHA City Karachi? Will I get the refund back?

The down payment of all successful applicant (processing fee + installment) was utilized as your first quarterly installment for the period of Oct, Nov, Dec-2009 which is not refundable. If you are not interested to keep the plot, it will be automatically cancelled by not submitting membership fee and six quarterly installments..

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