13 Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting DHA Transfer & Record Directorate

DHA Business Zone - An Innovation Towards Modernization of BusinessDHA Transfer and Record Directorate functions six days a week except 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month to provide information and address any grievances. An experienced nucleus of staff with strong professional and personal integrity bonafides are functioning with duty and service.

DHA remain committed to efficient, swift and effective transfer and purchase procedure not practiced else where. This is the singular most importance reason for real estate credibility of DHA and to this end remains its commitment. Public dealing is very sensitive subject where every one expects to get priority over others. However best efforts are made to take care of every one with the motto “To ensure each visitor goes back satisfied if the work is legal and within the rules regulations”.

To make the best of your visit to DHA, here is a list of 13 things to keep in mind before visiting DHA Transfer & Record Directorate:

  1. Documents for Transfer, Mutation, Division, Amalgamation, and NOC for Loan etc are required to be accepted by the Designated Officer. For this, these are required to be submitted one day in advance at the Reception located at Transfer Hall during the prescribed dealing hours in all working days.
  2. Always communicate to us in writing, quote our reference, your Membership number and your CNIC number.
  3. Always sign yourself. Letters written on behalf of someone are not accepted / responded to.
  4. When visiting DHA, always carry your valid CNIC and DHA membership card in original. Serving and Retired Officers are required to also carry their Service Identity Card/Retired Officer Identity card/Pension book etc.
  5. All payments are to be made through pay order/demand draft in favour of P.D.O.H.A, Karachi. Before making out a pay order, always find out your current dues and prescribed rates from Accounts Branch, as the rates given on Instruction Slip may have been revised.
  6. For action on all matters related to plots, ensure there are no outstanding dues and the prescribed fee is paid.
  7. Site plan may be collected through a representative giving him a Authority Letter. All other documents may also be collected through a representative but the Authority Letter will be ‘Signed Before’ the Administrative Officer (Transfer Reception Hall).
  8. To own a property in DHA, membership of the appropriate type is mandatory. Please remember Transfer/Mutation of property between persons registered in Category ‘C’ is not permissible.
  9. Information of general nature may be obtained on telephone. However, specific information related to plots/members cannot be acquired on telephone.
  10. Information may be sent through FAX message or on Tel No. 5886406, however, until the original text is received, no reply is rendered.
  11. Personal appearance on due date by the member before the concerned officer, is mandatory for transfer of open plots, un-leased Seaview Apartments, Darakhshan Villas, Shops & Creek Vista Apartments, NOC for mortgage & CTC of Title.
  12. If a member is not satisfied with the reply of the concerned Administrative Officer, he may seek the assistance of the Director Transfer & Record.
  13. Please read/comply with the instructions/endorsements made by the Designated Officer of the authority at the time of transfer/acceptance of documents.


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