15+ Exciting Independence Day Offers at DHA Karachi & Clifton

14th August comes every year with a new zeal of patriotism and happiness. On this upcoming 14th August, we have completed our 70th Year of Independence and once again the nation is standing together to celebrate this great milestone. A number of brands are offering great discount offers and deals to increase your happiness and deliver you the ultimate freedom to enjoy this “70 ki Azaadi”. Following are the Top 15+ Exciting Independence Day Offers at DHA Karachi & Clifton.

This is called the real Celebration of Freedom – Enjoy!

1. Ideas by Gul Ahmed – 25% Off (4th – 14th August)

2. Mcdonals Freedom Deal (Rs 350/- only)

3. Walkeaze Junoon Se Azadi 14% Off

4. Servis Flat 30% Off (7th – 14th August)

5. Joie Salon & Spa – Independence Day Deals (10th – 25th August)

6. Junaid Jamsheed Flat 25% Off (10th – 14th August)

7. LIMELIGTH Azadi Sale 40% Off

8. Almirah Azadi Ke Rang Flat 25% Off (10th – 14th August)

9. Independence Day Cakes by Pie in the Sky

10. Lals Chocolates 14% Off

11. Kapray Upto 50% Off (10th – 14th August)

12. 50% Off on Entire Bill by Karachi Social

13. Outfitters Azaadi Discount Flat 50% Off (11th -14th August)

14. Alkaram Studio Azaadi Sale – Upto 70% Off

15. Hush Puppies Upto 70% Off (Starting 12th August)

16. Subway Azaadi – Buy one Get one Free!

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