15 Years of CITI Associates – Message from the CEO

Muhammad Shafi Jakvani – CEO CITI Associates

First of All, I would like to Thanks Almighty Allah (SWT) to give me this opportunity and also My Family, Friends and Well-wishers, who always there to support me at any difficult stage of my life. Alhamdulillah!

It’s time to celebrate on completing 15 years of CITI Associates in October 2017. I feel it is a great moment of my life to share with everyone, that I have completed 25 years in Real Estate Industry and operating CITI Associates for the last 15 years.

I started my professional career in 1989, and moved into this industry in 1992. I found the Real Estate business interesting, challenging and had huge potential to work in. It’s a long journey with lots of achievements, complements, tough targets, difficulties and finally an identity for me.

I entered in this industry as a surveyor in 1992, later become an agent, and after 3 years working experience, I started Mehdi Corporation and become CEO of that company. Later, after getting different experiences not only in Real Estate but also in Stocks Market local and international both, Forex trading, and Commodities. Finally, I started my own company CITI Associates in October 2002.

Team CITI Associates from CITI Associates on Vimeo.

Real Estate have huge potential to work, but unfortunately in Pakistan it is still not declared as an Industry. Anyone can enter in it without any specific requirements, which is not at all good for the industry. I always try to work for excellence, not only to make money but to give my best to anything. We as CITI Associates always try to protect client’s interest and we adopted this as the slogan of the company (Serving Your Interest) and Alhamdulillah! our first priority is to protect that.

I started my office with 10 years experience of Real Estate Industry (1992-2002) with the name CITI Associates in Zamzama, DHA Karachi. It was small 225 Sqft. office on mezzanine floor with single person (me) and one office Boy. And now Alhamdulillah! we are a team of 30+ and further we are focusing to make it 100+ company. InshaAllah!

My special thanks to Mr. Ali Raza Shaikh, who always supported me and worked hard to transform my ideas into reality, further making it better with his positive and talented approach. He uses his IT skills to grow up CITI Associates in very appropriate way and all I can say that Ali Raza is Master Mind of IT.

Also I would like thanks to Mr. Adnan Mateen Shaikh, who shared his rich experience of Real Estate with CITI Associates. Adnan is associated with me since 1997 and is always there to support me.

Also I would like thanks to all of my Team Members who always supported me for my ideas and put their efforts to become reality. Besides my team member I also would like to thanks all of my Clients, Investors, Well wishers for their support and their trust on Me and my thoughts. Without their support nothing could be possible.

Team CITI Associates

CITI Associates comes with people who have acquired a rich experience of around 20+ years in the field of Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Services. CITI Associates has the experience, skills and manpower to handle all your needs on an individual basis or on a corporate level hence helping you achieve your short-term objectives and long-range goals.

Here at this moment, I would like to request to all, please share your feedback directly with me about any act of our company to make it more better, and serve you in more professional way. Thanks!

15 Year Celebrations


Muhammad Shafi Jakvani

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