2014 Nishat Linen Collection – Summer Waves!

Winters have finally made an exit in K-town; beginning henceforth will be the short duration of spring and the long lasting summer heat. People in Karachi endure great long months of scorching summer heat, none too pleasant like sunbathing on the Bahamas.

The summer heat in Karachi literally saps all energy from the people and getting dressed for formal functions, dinners or parties is a task in itself. Clothing lines come up with the most breathable materials to make the summer heat bearable without taking away the style or design. Nevertheless, finding the perfect material for summers in a formal dress is difficult, owing to the complex designs and work patterns which add the oomph.

Coming to aide and rescue for the wardrobe worries during the summer months are the local brands with their lawn collections. Thus Lawn wars will ensue. With the number of brands increasing each year, it is becoming rather difficult to pick out the ones with the best quality. For customers, priority Uno is quality, then style.

Local brand companies take it upon themselves to create intensive marketing strategies; lucrative teasers of the upcoming collections are posted on social media websites while huge banners are displayed across the town. Enthusiasts and brand loyal fans keep up a constant check on the websites and social media pages for the announcement of the exhibition launches.

Exhibitions and launches of the clothes from reputed brands are anxiously awaited for; these events take place throughout the year, each time announcing arrival of different seasonal collections. For the brands, it is a challenging task to consistently produce designs which differ from the competition and their own previous collections because the customers will ditch the moment they see similarity. A well reputed brand which has created waves in the ‘Lawn Wars’ is Nishat Linen.

The marketing for Spring/Summer Collection 2014 for Nishat Linen has worked its magic, which means the new summer collection is selling like hot cakes since its launch. The collections at Nishat are rich in bright colours and exquisite patterns- quite apart from the ordinary designs.

Despite the summer heat and humidity, the material from Nishat Linen is breathable and comfortable for formal wear. Women around Karachi are already flocking to the Nishat Linen outlets in Dolmen Clifton, Jamalistan Clifton and Ocean Mall to grab the magnificent prints.

The colour palate used in the collection varies between somber yet elegant or bright and attractive. Either ways, the clothes at Nishat Linen cater to styles and preferences of the women spectacularly. Women are sweeping away the prints to add to the summer collection for their wardrobes.

The ideas of stitching provided make for great looks, once it is complete. As for now, the point of debating the collections quality is a sheer waste of time because the turnover is witness to the popularity of the collection and its high demand. With the high standards of quality created by Nishat Linen, the prints will be out of stock soon. Ladies had better hurry up or wait for another seasonal collection from Nishat Linen.

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  1. Nabiha ghani says:

    Can we buy dresses or can you order them for us? If we can, may i please have nishat linen summer waves collection 2014 dress code: 14-03. Please reply.

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