28 Years of Comfort from Bonanza

Generations older to us pride upon the distinct quality levels in their time. For them, quality was always priority number one for anything and everything. Be it a small item for the household or spending money on some luxury product.

The generation prior to ours believed in spending wisely and on quality firstly. Quality spending holds it ground to this day but somewhere along the lines of commercialism, the levels have fallen. Instantaneously the drop in quality was felt, but it was made up with different techniques and so the concept of quality first was somehow misplaced.

28 Years of Comfort from Bonanza

Moreover, new brands sprang up with a lot more innovation- this was charming and alluring for many. Thus the names of many outlets were forgotten as they slipped into oblivion. Only outlets offering innovation with a standing ground for quality made it through the rough patches of intense commercialism, while the rest sank right through in the face of competition.

A company with a history of quality products introduced innovation whilst standing the waves of commercialism is hard to find today. Well it is hard to find but not impossible. The catch is to look for companies trusted by the generations prior to ours.

This hint will make it fairly easy to notice which such company today fulfills the stated criteria, it is: Bonanza Garments. Bonanza Garment Industries claim a history of continuous business pursuits stretching back over 28 years. They proudly offer their customers a wide range of products including readymade men’s and women’s wear, sweaters, accessories and lawn collection; all under one roof.

Bonanza is a name trusted for quality and comfort by people for over 28 years and the tradition has been passed on. While the winters are ready to scramble and make a hurried exit from Karachi, it leaves the people behind with pleasant surprises.

The greatest happiness comes from a sale at a family store: Bonanza garments. Located in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Bonanza is offering a 30% sale on its products right before the new stock hits the shelves.

Women and men can now indulge in the luxurious Satrangi range of warm and comfortable cardigans, sweater, jackets and mufflers. Though they may not be used now, keeping them in store for the next winter season would be ideal or if not they can be used on the next trip down to a country with a cold weather and if not any of the following then just buying to give them away as presents.

Satrangi unstitched winter collection from Bonanza is also part of this lucrative sale. So any ladies who missed out on any of the designs earlier can try their luck again, whereas many will find this the perfect opportunity to go out on a shopping spree. Digital printed shawls are definitely part of the winter must have’s; those available at Bonanza are sure to add a greater touch of style and elegance to the winter wear.

To sum up, the sale at Bonanza is not to be missed by anyone because it is the perfect shopping spree.

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