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300 Square Yards Sahil Street Plot For Sale in DHA Karachi Phase VIII-Ext

Citi Associates - Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

300 Square Yards Plot is available for sale in DHA Karachi Phase 8 Extension (Phase VIII-Ext.) located on Sahil Street Number 23.

Sahil Streets is the area is along the Beach Avenue. Ideal opportunity for investment. Click here to learn more about Sahil Streets.

Type: Residential
Area: 300 Square Yards
Demand: 95 Lacs
Posted Date: 15 September, 2012
Contact: Muhammad Shafi Jakvani of Citi Associates. Click here to view the complete contact details of Citi Associates.

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  1. Ali says:

    Im interested in selling my plot in sahil 300 sqyds….it’s on 25 street…. Could you please tell me the value because I’m interested in selling

    • As you know our asking is 95, for sahil street 23,
      can mention the exact number of plot, because some time it differ the price,
      and Sahil 25 is close to Commercial as well.
      there will be little difference in the price.
      Please let me know if you would be interested.

  2. Danish Alvi says:

    Sir, is closer to commercial less or more in value?

  3. Khusro Habib says:

    Hi, I want to invest in sahil, what is the difference between sahil and beach street. and secondly what is the price for a 300 yard plot near emaar.

    • AOA,
      Sahil is good for investment,
      It took already big move, prices are already increased almost 30 % in last two months.
      Now the market is stable and may it will take little correction, but at this stage you can buy plots in this area, this area still have chance to increase.
      beach street have only 500 yards plot, and some part of beach streets fall in Zone C, the rest of the area of beach streets is in Zone D.
      Sahil area have both 300 and 500 yards.
      the development work is under progress.
      Near Emaar we can got the plot in 85 to 88 around.

  4. Muhammad Masroor Ur Rehman says:

    I need to know the best location to buy a plot in Sahil St for building a house in 300 yds .fol is requested.
    Best Price
    when can I start construction
    Best Zone available
    Awaiting reply from you

  5. Ejaz hanif says:

    What is current position I sahil 300 and 500 yarda

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