3rd Karachi Advertising Festival at DHA Suffa University

3rd Karachi Advertising Festival at DHA Suffa University

3rd Karachi Advertising Festival is going to be held at DHA Suffa University on 8th December 2012. 3rd Karachi Advertising Festival is based on “Promoting Health Campaigns” with a Slogan of “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai” (Life is So Beautiful).

This time, 3rd Karachi Advertising Festival will invite the exclusive health campaign’s creative divisions and decision makers based food advertising including beverages, masalas, restaurants, biscuits, confectionery  cooking oil’s advertisements and hygiene advertising including soaps, hand-wash, shampoos, skin care creams’s advertisements.

This festival need to identified that how some advertisement brainwashed the consumers and what criteria should be designed for consumer’s perspective to buy any food or hygiene related brand after encountering advertisement. The motive of this theme is to provide a know-how based thinking to consumers and a threat to substandard brands and their deceptive advertising against the ethical angle.

The festival will be attend by 2000+ Intellectual Minds comprised on 1000+ Students and remaining 1000+ will the marketing heads, brand and marketing managers, advertising professionals, media planners, CEOs of advertising agencies, MDs of media buying houses along with leading business group’s owning cerebrals.

Celebrities will also be the part of festivals on the basis of availability. The 3rd KAF 2012 is having Open Media Policy by inviting all the media either electronic or print instead of having strings with any one in the name of media partner. Leading TV Channels and FM Radios of Pakistan will made there presence in terms of mass coverage.

3rd Karachi Advertising Festival at DHA Suffa University

Proposed Topics for Presentaion

  • Relation of Upsized Meals’ Marketing with Human Health
  • Differentiation between Diet and Low Calorie Food in Advertisements
  • Ethical Perspectives in Advertising Creativity
  • Concept of Halal Foods Projection and Labeling Issues
  • How Much Dirt to be shown in Advertisement?
  • Children Provoking Campaigns towards Hygiene

Objectives of the Festival

  • To identify that how advertisements create psychological impact on consumer with positive and negative perspective.
  • To discover the ideal criteria for human ‘food and hygiene’ health in advertising production phases.
  • To discuss the ethical perspective towards human health in different advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • To verify the positive status of “Halal Certified Brands” in terms of evaluation and implication in fulfilling needs.

Venue: DHA Suffa University, DG-78, Off Khayaban-e-Tufail, Ph-VII (Ext.), DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35244851-53
Time: 09:00am to 17:00pm

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