4 Ways To Decorate Your Home Walls in Innovative Ways

There are unlimited ways and techniques of decorating a house interior but adding colors to your house walls is perhaps the most effective and fun-loving work. It makes a huge difference in the looks of a house, before and after the paint.

4 Ways To Decorate Your Home Walls in Innovative Ways

Now with the advent of latest equipment, wall painting has moved towards innovation, as you can find a variety of ways of decorating your house interior by this method. Here are some innovative techniques, which are not only easy to follow but they also help making your house look chic and stylish.

A interior designer can also give you different suggestions about choosing the type of paint for your walls. Keeping the color and type of paint in view, he would recommend you the best house items which may include – furniture, paintings, rugs, curtains and decorative items.

1. Simple Painting

Although, there have been discovered a number of ways of painting your house but the simple paint technique is still in use. Let us say that if you are going to decorate your bed room, you will go for custom pattern on a single wall; whereas the rest of the walls will have simple painting. Technically, the purpose of applying pattern on a single wall is to give it more prominence.

2. Stenciling

Thanks to the latest equipment and techniques which have made it much easier for us to use different painting patterns and styles on our walls in order to make them more attractive. One of these techniques is ‘stenciling’, other than giving a chic and artistic look to your house, the stencil painting allows even the unskilled people to play with colors in an ingenious way.

All you need to do is to buy the stencils of your choice from your nearby store. You can place it on the wall with painters’ tape and fill in the blank spaces with the color of your choice. Once you are done at one place, remove the stencil and place it right next to the first pattern and repeat the process. It is as easier than you can think of.

3. Ragging

Ragging is a fun, especially if you have a craze to play with colors. You can do it yourself, there is no need to hire a professional, even your children can assist you and they would love this free-style wall painting. You just need to take a damp rag/duster or a cloth to apply coating on the wall. If you are using a cloth then you need to clump it in the form of a ball with folds and ridges. The folding of the cloth basically plays a role in making patterns on the wall.

Do not rub the rag in to-and-fro motion as you do in the simple painting with brushes. Just dip the cloth in the paint, take it out and place it on the wall. By changing the folding of cloths in different styles, you can have a variety of rag paints on your wall. Again, this type of custom painting is followed on the single wall of an area.

4. Sponging

Sponging is similar to rag paint; however, here the applicator is a sea sponge. You just need to dip the sponge in the glaze and place it on the wall.

This is just a brief description of different painting patterns; you can find more methods by searching on the internet or by visiting your nearby paint market. Whatever method you follow, do not forget to take the opinion of interior decorators, as they being professionals can give you an advice while maintaining an overall look of your house.

This article is written by Amer Adnan Associates, a leading Architectural Design and Construction firm in Pakistan, offering Interior Design, 3D Elevation Support and Construction services throughout Pakistan.

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