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4 Worst Things You Say at a Wedding!

4 Worst Things You Say at a Wedding!

Sometimes it’s okay to say whatever you’re thinking or want to say? But let’s face it, you have to “Think Before You Speak” and yes that’s count the weddings you’re attending too. You need to lose it down a bit with the Bride and the Groom and just for once on their big day try keeping your thoughts to yourself.

1. “This must have cost you a lot!”

When it comes on money it’s always a sticky part for the Bride and the Groom to openly discuss with their fellow guests. So it’s just better to keep “shush” and just concentrate on the Gifts you will be buying both of them to show your closeness to them.

2. “Your Dress doesn’t match with your theme”

Well! This is the worst possible statement any bride or groom could ever hear. So what? If their dresses don’t match their theme. It’s their wish whatever style or color dress they wanted to wear. Your job is just to praise them as much as you can. Make them feel happy and appreciated. They have worked really hard on deciding even the smallest of things.

3. “I still can’t believe you’re settling down!”

This statement may seem friendly to you. But it could be mis-communicated or judged in many different ways, and obviously! You wouldn’t want that right?

4. “Why didn’t you invite….?”

Word to the wise: If you notice that someone you thought would be at the wedding isn’t there, there’s usually a reason. Chances are that there must be long conversations taken place to make that decision, and the Wedding is not the day to bring that up.

So here it is! In short, well wishes and congratulations? Yes. These doozies? No!

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