40+ Stately Mosques in DHA Karachi provides Divine Energies to Worshippers!

Mosques are sacred places of worship which are symbol of peace, spiritual reverence and religious cum socially vibrant centres in an enlightened community living environment. In this context DHA is typically an inspiring example which provides complete religious peace and harmony in the area where people of all faiths, sects and followings can openly and fearlessly practice their religious beliefs in peace and affinity. DHA accordingly has a network of 43 stately mosques which literally are embodiment of spiritual reverence providing divine energies to the worshippers.


DHA proudly takes the credit for having mosques with iconic architectural designs. Masjid-e-Tooba, for one is claimed to be the largest single-doom mosque in the world with a capacity of having 5,000 people in the inner hall. The Mosque is an architectural wonder with its spherical design and a tourist attraction to those visiting the metropolis. Besides this, the other iconic mosques in DHA include Masjid Mustafa (Phase-I), Masjid Abu Bakar (Phase-II), Masjid Ayesha (Phase-VII), Masjid Ali (Phase-VI), Masjid Ebrahim (Phase-IV), Masjid Usman Ghani (Phase-V), Masjid Humza (Phase-VIII) and many others. By their grand ambience and spiritual exuberance they beckon you to show your reverence of the Almighty and bow your heads in gratitude five times a day.


DHA with a collage of mosques spread over the entire area of the Housing Authority presents a very unique and exclusive environment inciting the feelings of love, affinity, tolerance and virtue in the residents’ the very essence of an exclusive community living vision of DHA.

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