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5+ Best Rated Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Supermarkets are enticing for the entire family because of the wide range of products available to suit the needs of all members, be it the infants or the old. Supermarkets are the one stop shop for all needs. Here are the Top 5+ Best Rated Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in DHA Karachi & Clifton:

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1. Hyperstar

Hyperstar Super Market - Clifton Karachi

2. Chase up

Chase Up Super Market - Clifton Karachi


EBCO Super Market - Clifton Karachi

4. Agha’s

Agha’s Super Market - Clifton Karachi

5. Farid’s

Farid's Super Market - Clifton Karachi

6. Imtiaz

Imtiaz Super Market - DHA Karachi

7. Tee Emm

Tee Emm Super Market - DHA Karachi

8. Motta’s

Motta's Super Market - Clifton Karachi

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  1. S. Jamil says:

    Mooottttaaaas. 🙂

  2. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    Apply for the job

  3. kashif says:


  4. Oscar says:

    What about Paradise Store in clifton?

  5. Araiz says:


  6. This list is completely inaccurate! Paradise Store in block 7? thats one of the best rated supermarkets in clifton. By leaps coming into top 5 supermarkets in karachi.

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