5+ Interesting Gift Ideas to Celebrate Independence Day 2018 with Your Loved Ones

14th August is surely an occasion to exchange gifts because it is an event to celebrate in line with Eid. A gift is a symbol of love, respect and care and one given on our Independence Day is bound to be a symbol of resolve, patriotism and determination to be loyal to the motherland. Your loved ones will be overjoyed to share a part of your happiness and you all will feel connected. But what to gift them? Because you need to select an item that will remind them of both you and this occasion — worry not. This article is all about great gift ideas for Independence Day. Read on!

1. Bangles and Clothes:

The women of your family will just love this jingling gift of green and white bangles and boys and girls will just love customized clothes.

2. Notebooks and Badges:

Spruce up your loved ones’ moods by this very traditional item. And as we live in the age of customization you can get their picture or an inspirational message printed on it.

3. Books:

Make a gift of occasion-appropriate books to a literary friend and listen to their gasp of joy with pleasure.

4. Mugs and Cushions:

Customized mugs are a big hit nowadays. Put it up as a decorative, keep chocolates in it, mix coffee in it or simply stare at it – it can serve either purpose efficiently whereas, Cushions are cute and comfy way of showing your love and leaving a reminder of Independence under their heads.

5. Pouches, Bags and Covers:

Be it a cell phone pouch, a tablet pouch or a stationary one, you can get them all customized for Azaadi Day. Because freedom is essential!

6. Clocks and Key Chains:

The common thing about time and keys? Both are precious. Presenting these items will make your friends feel valued.

7. Sweets:

Who doesn’t like sweets? Everyone does. When in doubt, go for a cake. Really, though, it seems as if everything can be customized nowadays (everything IS customized actually).

Confused? Overwhelmed? Indecisive? You would be as there is a whole host of choices you have here to celebrate and share the big day with your favorite people and give them something out of the ordinary. Enjoy shopping! Happy Independence Day to you all!


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