5 Reasons why you shouldn’t Visit the Shoe Stores for Shopping!

Over the past few years, online shopping has emerged as a very stable and popular shopping trend. People prefer shopping online for almost everything for various reasons. It is time saving, effortless and there are hundreds of other reasons that you might have already heard of. But what happened to make the traditional way of shopping so unpopular?

There are many people who still enjoy the traditional way of shopping at shoe stores but mostly people will avoid doing so. After a lot of thinking and research, we came down to the following 5 reasons that we think makes traditional shopping so unpopular nowadays.

  1. It is Time-Consuming

The first and foremost reason why shopping at in-stores is becoming so unpopular is because it asks for a lot of time and effort. You actually have to spend hours and hours roaming around in the markets merely looking for the perfect shoe pair! It is crazy and really difficult to shop this way; particularly with how busy lives have become these days.

  1. Lack of Variety

Another reason why you shouldn’t trust the traditional way of shopping for shoes at stores is because it lacks variety. You will never find as much variety at one store as you will find on a single online shopping platform. Lack of variety ultimately means limited choice. You will have no other option but to choose from outdated styles.

  1. Restricted Shopping Hours

In-store shopping means you have to take a day off from work because the store opens and closes exactly at the same time as your office hours. Restricted shopping hours is another major let down.

  1. Distance Restriction

Another reason is the distance restriction. A single city these days has expanded so much that it seems like you are travelling between two cities when you have to go from one place to another. Traffic is another concern for travelling. This makes distance restrictions another important reason to avoid shopping at stores. You will practically have to drive an hour and a half from home to the store and then back for just a pair of shoes!

  1. More Pricey

Shopping at stores is more expensive. You will rarely find discounts, promotional codes, vouchers and coupons at in-stores. This means you have to pay the full price or even more (if GST taxes are included). More taxes are applied on shoes at stores so that the store owners can also earn as much as the brand.

Everything has its own fair share of pros and cons. While there are many reasons why you should not visit shoe stores for shoe shopping, there are many other reasons why you can shop at in-stores!

However, in the end it all comes down to personal preferences. While some people prefer online shopping, others would definitely want to hit the shoe stores. Nevertheless, with many reasons to go shopping at in-stores, you have 5 reasons to never visit them too!

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