50 Shades of Flowers for Indoors at Diamond Nursery

A plain white room will instantaneously come alive with flowers. Flowers in the outdoor garden are easy to maintain and care for. Be it seasonal flowers or ones that work well throughout the year; outdoor flowers are the easiest to maintain. With the right temperature, soil control and nutrients, outdoor flowering plants will blossom and transform the garden into heaven. Indoors it is not so easy.

Indoor flowering plants are sparsely available locally and those which are available require exhaustive care. So what now, if someone wishes to decorate their interior with flowering plants or flowers? They will be stuck with the option of buying either plastic flowers or opt for buying real fresh flowers nearly twice or thrice a week. It is no doubt a solution, but not the perfect solution, rather a temporary one.

50 Shades of Flowers for Indoors at Diamond Nursery

Ideally indoor flowering plants are best if procured from abroad. Diamond Nursery is just the location to visit, by anyone who is looking for indoor flowers. Diamond Nursery is one of the largest exporters of Orchids in Pakistan and has an extensive range of imported indoor and outdoor plants as well. Other than Karachi, they have retail and wholesale outlets in Lahore by the name of Garden Centre Nursery.

Address: Main Koarangi Road, Phase 2, DHA Karachi.
Email: farhandiamond@hotmail.com
Phone: 0322-2222213 and 0300-8237083 (Farhan Yaseen)

As far as outlets abroad are concerned, they have functioning outlets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi which go by the name of Dina Homes. Another outlet in Muscat is operational, the name for which is currently under license processes. All the flowers and flowering plants are exclusively imported from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Holland and Greece.

Thus Diamond Nursery has the largest collection of imported indoor flowers. Clients can opt for small bamboo center pieces to be placed around the house to add a touch of colour. The real deal at Diamond Nursery is the Orchids in a wide variety of colours. Orchids need moderate amounts of sunlight which can be provided for a few hours and then the flowers can be kept inside.

Very delicate and known for their beautiful rich colours, Orchids are favoured by all the horticulture enthusiasts. Bonsai plants whether grafted or original in petite pots are available at Diamond Nursery; they do not come with a hefty price. While at the nursery, customers will be delighted to see a flowering plant which is known as ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’- the flowers on this plant turn three very distinct and different colours as they progress through the stage of life.

In case someone is looking for fragrant flowers, the ideal plant at Diamond would be ‘Muraya’ locally known as Kaamini. Muraya is imported from Thailand and gives off a sweet strong fragrance despite its small flower size. Another unique addition to the indoor plants would be ‘Lithops’ also known as living stones. These plants resemble small stones because of their stone like structures, but look extremely pretty.

On the 21st of February, Diamond Nursery will be stocking fresh flowers from Holland and Greece which will be sold within a matter of few hours as enthusiasts line up from before sunrise to get as many as possible. The flowers will be flown in straight from Holland and Greece and sold as soon as they reach the destination. Enthusiasts who will wait for the sunrise will then on have to wait for the next season and consignment to come.

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