7 Interesting Facts About DHA City Karachi (DCK)

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The marvel of urban living is now liveable. The first self sustainable city with unmatchable amenities awaits you. DHA City Karachi has a flavour of the impaccable offerings i.e Medical tourism with DUMHS & SKMCH, world class educational institutes, outstanding recreational facilities and much more.

Fact # 1 – 100% Ownership

Experience has its rewards, DHA City Karachi gives you 100% ownership on your investment, so that you can enjoy the attributes of full possession and see your investments flourishing.

Fact # 2 – Check Dams

DHA City Karachi is coming up with a series of Check Dams to be constructed along the swales. This will assist in the restoration of rain water. The connections are made in such a way that If water get overflows in one dam, it goes over to the other, and so on, until eventually all the dams get full.

Fact # 3 – Solar Power

DHA City Karachi is an exclusive environment friendly residential project of the country where clean and environmentally safe energy will be used in addition to the conventional source of energy. DHA City Karachi is an open terrain exposed to lot of sunshine and wind which will be harnessed to produce renewable energy.

Fact # 4 – Green Corridors

Get mesmerized with the eye soothing sights filled with green corridors and enchanted flora. Where else can you find such attractiveness along with the modern infrastructure and lifestyle.

Fact # 5 – Security Vigilance

DHA City Karachi has an appropriate security administration to handle large number of visitors and procedural controls required in maintaining security services.

Fact # 6 – DHA Suffa University

DHA City Karachi is providing world class educational services by bringing the world class institutions. We believe in nothing but the best in each and every sector of life.

Fact # 7 – Dow Hospital

Your well being and healthy life is our first priority. The foundation of Dow Hospital in DCK’s Medical centre is prelude to vision of providing our residents with enduring healthcare services.

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  1. ainus salekeen says:

    Information is informative.

  2. MASOOD MUSTAFA Khan says:

    Update information

  3. Aussie says:

    Good man! That is an amazing offer for you. http://bit.ly/2rCSoXY

  4. Aftab says:

    Interesting facts of DHA city Karachi but honestly some being minor and exegerated. Compare the development and its pace with Baharia town karachi you will really know the real value of these facts

  5. Wajeeh Feroz says:

    Great place to live. I prefer DHA compared to Bahria Town.

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