9 Action Plan to Fight the Dengue

Dengue is one of the most rapidly growing mosquito-borne viral disease. DHA takes the responsibility to fight the dengue because Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Here are 9 Action Plan to Face Threat Dengue Virus this season:

  • Use mosquito repellents.
  • Wear full sleeves shirts and full trousers at sunrise & sunset.
  • Use mosquito nets, coils and electric vapor mats.
  • Ensure proper netting on all doors and windows.
  • Avoid outdoor activities at sunrise & sunset such as garden parties, early morning assemblies, walking/jogging etc.
  • Flush tanks which are not used frequently such as powder room, closed rooms of chalet, guest rooms, class rooms, lavatories etc should be covered and flushed frequently.
  • Pour one table spoon of salt in every change of clean water in open reservoirs of Tyre shops etc.
  • Do not store water in open reservoirs or flower pots.
  • Swimming pools in houses and public places should have continuously running filters and effectively chlorinated.

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