9 Points to Remember Before Holding Functions in DHA Karachi

Holding of Functions Inside Houses

Defence Housing Authority, KarachiIn order to stream line the procedure of giving permissions to the residents for organizing the functions in their houses and control this tendency, policy guidelines are being given by DHA Karachi for compliance by all concerned.

Point # 1 – Following activities are allowed within the premises which do not require any permission:

  • Mehndi / Nikah Ceremony
  • Birth Day Party
  • Quran Khawani / Durs

Point # 2 – The responsibility of the owner of the house and organizer of the function will be as under:

  • The administrative arrangements of the function will be restricted inside the house only. No Qanat/Shamianas etc will be pitched outside the premises of the house.
  • No loud speakers will be used for playing any sort of music.
  • Car Parking will be organized in such a manner that traffic flow is not disturbed.
  • The security arrangements will be the responsibility of the owner/organizer.
  • No cooking of food outside the premises.
  • Aerial firing is strictly forbidden.

Point # 3 – Following functions are not allowed within the premises:

  • Marriages Ceremony
  • Dance Parties
  • Musical Evenings

Holding of Functions in Open Plots

Off late lot of complaints have been received from residents that some owners of plots with boundary wall are using it for various functions and some are even using it on commercial basis. In order to control this tendency following policy guidelines are being given by DHA Karachi for compliance by all concerned:

Point # 4 – The functions for own marriage, Mehndi and Aqeeqa of own children of plot owners on their own plots are allowed. Dependent brothers and sisters wedding functions are also allowed only in case they are residing with the owner. Qul of parents, spouse & children is also allowed. However, cooking of food in open plot is not allowed.

Point # 5 – The plot should have a boundary wall.

Point # 6 – Request for permission may be forwarded to Personnel & Administration Directorate (Coordination Branch) at least two weeks in advance with following documents:

  • Proof of ownership of plot.
  • NOC from Neighbours.
  • Marriage Invitation Card.
  • In case of brother/sister, proof is required that he/she is dependant and residing with the owner/applicant.

Point # 7 – Permission will be issued after obtaining NOC from TP&BC Dte/Vig Branch.

Point # 8 – In Case of open space around Seaview Apartments and Darakhshan Villas, no permission will be granted.

Point # 9 – In the event of death of resident/dependent, if need be, use of an open plot adjacent to the residence will be allowed for seating/serving food etc on the day of death/burial only.

Note: This information is being placed on DHA Notice Board. Vigilance Branch of DHA has been instructed to check the violations and stop the activity which does not have the permission from P&A Dte, DHA.

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  1. Zaid says:

    I need to host a mehndi function for my brother , im a resident of dha phase 7 but my house is on the rear side and we do not have space. There are 2 plots next to us , can we use that ? Or any other suggestions from you are welcome ?

    Is there any open space that i can rent to host the event , my number of guests are from 100-150.

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