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Till a few years ago, people preferred mainstream work in companies or small entrepreneurial businesses of their own, everything in line with a white collar job. Any interest in the field of arts like photography, painting or sculpture making were hushed up and kept bottled for the sole reason of trying to focus on the regular society accepted job.

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But somewhere along, the suffocated talents began to spring up and found for themselves a niche. This tiny start became an uprising in the media industry as the young and old ditched the society accepted norms for their passion of arts.

In the media industry, the world of photography was taken up by a storm as people with inborn talents came forward with their years of accumulated work. The astounding reality was that the work in photography was spectacular, thus without much ado, photography became a profession by choice and passion as people left their well-settled jobs.

It is not an easy task to leave settled work in favour of passion; certainly one of the hardest choices. There are scores of people who advise on following passion, but in the face of profits, many will let go and continue. Only some of the people will move ahead with the bold step of following their passion and dreams.

Following this example, an upswing has been noticed in the number of photographers who have started photography services of their own, by-passing the old names by leaps. A feat not easily accomplished; it takes effort and concepts to create magic in photography. Many will become photographer, but a few will reach the peaks of fame and stardom.

A.Bilgrami Studio’s - DHA Karachi

A.Bilgrami Studio located in DHA Karachi is one such name, which has made it to the peaks of stardom and popularity with its work in the field of photography.

Address: Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0301-8222663 and 0334-8222664
Email: abilgramistudio@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/a.bilgramistudio/

Arsalan Bilgrami has brought to the world of photography, his own unique style; one that holds its own ground. It could be any event: wedding, corporate functions, birthday’s, parties, dinners or fashion shoots- A.Bilgrami has those all covered professionally. Moreover social events and launches have been expertly by A.Bilgrami for numerous magazines.

As far as the Wedding Photography is concerned, the page on Facebook describes portraits. Wedding photography by Arsalan is elegant; each picture holds a level of depth and reflects the true emotions of the moment. Couples will be pleased with their choice of booking A.Bilgrami because they will witness each moment being captured in its true spirit.

Years on from the day of the wedding, the pictures will invoke feelings of happiness and joy for the couple and the families. Thus a couple with a wedding around the corner should head over to A.Bilgrami Studios and reserve a booking for the big day. Quality with a touch of elegance and modernity in the right balance is the perfect element for contemporary wedding photography offered by A.Bilgrami Studios.

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