A Breakthrough was Achieved Over the Gizri Flyover

Defence Housing Authority, KarachiA breakthrough was achieved over the Gizri Flyover impasse on successful conclusion of negotiations between the delegation of Gizri notables and DHA administration in a meeting held at DHA’s Main Office on December 06, 2008.

Administrator DHA Brig Khalid Tirmizi presided the meeting. The meeting discussed the apprehensions and problems of Gizri residents due to construction of flyover in Gizri Commercial Area and both the parties agreed to resolve the issue amicably.

Brig Tirmizi informed the delegation that DHA initiated the Gizri Flyover project solely to give a free and smooth passage to the traffic entering DHA. He said that the construction of flyover would greatly help in mitigating the traffic congestion in Gizri area. The Administrator added that the project in its essence was in the overall interest of the public.

Brig Tirmizi said that the Gizri Flyover was being built at an estimated cost of Rs. 600 million. He said that the original design parameter envisaged 1.2 km long flyover starting from Submarine Chowk and terminating at Kh-e-Tanzeem. He explained that however due to litigation and environmental concerns the project remained suspended for a prolonged period.

The Administrator explained that the height of the flyover kept by NESPAK was such that it would not affect the business of the shopkeepers in any way rather it would facilitate the business activity in the area. He also asked the Project Dir to ensure that height of flyover at congested places especially over the Mubark Mosque was suitably raised and no traffic congestion was caused in the area.

It was also promised that DHA would build a bridge for the children near the location of Mosque if required. He also asked the contractors to ensure sweeping of dust from the project site, sprinkling of water in the area and carpeting of roads damaged during the construction before Eid-ul-Azha.

The delegation thanked the Administrator for alleviating their concerns about the project. They assured DHA of their whole hearted co-operation in execution of the project.

The Administrator appreciated the understanding shown by the delegation members and for resolving the impasse with an open heart. He said that the pace of slowed down project would now gain momentum and the project would be completed as per the stipulated scheduled by April ‘2009.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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