A Candid Interview with M. M. Alam

Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmud Alam emerged from 1965 War as Pakistan’s top scoring fighter ace. Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmud Alam, Commander of No 11 Squadron in 1965, was already a notable leader and highly experienced pilot. He also excelled in gunnery competition as a skill that without a doubt contributed greatly to his becoming the first and the only jet ace in one mission.

A Candid Interview with M.M Alam

Aqib Khalique: Asslam-alikum Sir
M. M. Alam: Walikum aslam beta. Farmaiye?

Aqib Khalique: I am basically here to meet as great a person as you are so as to pave the way for our youth to hear what people like you who have fought for Pakistan have to say about the ongoing era and the way you struggled for the dignity of our nation back in your time.
M. M. Alam: (Looks at his watch) I am all yours till the end of this ongoing Hour.

Aqib Khalique: Thankyou for granting your time sir. With all due respect Can you please explain to our young genration of today how you managed to shoot down five enemy aircraft’s during a dogfight in less then a minutes which is a world record till date.
M. M. Alam: Well son today unfortunately we don’t even tend to remember what happened an year ago so when our people forget why the debacle of East Pakistan took place and how A foreigner was able to kill 3 Pakistanis on our soil being a diplomat of a country on our soil and you’re talking about an event which took place more then forty years ago.

I don’t like praising myself but I will just like to say that it was just the sheer motivation, determination and utmost courage in me and my fellows which gave us the power to tackle an enemy much larger then us in every proportion. In array of gunshots and thundering of bombs we just didn’t know how to stop. There was something pumping inside our hearts known as honor.

Just after that instance, a serving officer of Pakistan Air Force came, saluted him and further asked him to spend some time with him as he waned to be honored to be in company of such a great personality but M. M. Alam refused giving the reasoning that ee the students came before him and he is obliged to be with us rather then him which signifies the strong fundamental principles still present in our national hero even at the age of 80.

Aqib Khalique: Well sir What are the differences that you analyze are present in today’s generation as compared to the one which were the part of the movement that created this ideological state in which we reside freely today.
M. M. Alam: Beta the difference is massive. At the time we and as an individual me too had an inspiration, an invisible belief, extreme determination and a sense of upheaval that whether we live or die we will create Pakistan. We had a vision for Pakistan and for us it was like something we dreamed of day in and night out, Pakistan was and is and will always remain the name of an ideology, a dream, a wish and an aspiration that drives and accelerated the thoughts of masses.

At that time me and my young fellows aspired to join the armed forces or the civil service of Pakistan unlike today’s youngsters who wish to be a part of some international firm situated outside this great land. Our youth as a whole is confused and divided today among ethical and social lines. The generation belonging to the elite class generally doesn’t think about this country and are more busy in improving there personal lives, furthermore those living under the poverty line fight a battle everyday for a chunk of meal which they shouldn’t be blamed for. We are in need of a change like never before. A REVOLUTION!

A Candid Interview with M. M. AlamAqib Khalique: So who do you think can bring that change and how is it possible for every single one of us to work towards achieving that noble objective?
M. M. Alam: Well see revolutions and major changes across this globe has always been brought by those who had an empty belly of half filled one, So I expect the middle class youth of today to bring that long awaited shift. But that doesn’t mean that young people like you and others can’t work or don’t possess the abilities to be a part of that, you people have much more resources then those who are inferior to you in many ways. I am not against students going abroad for further studies as even our religion has ordained us to do whatever is takes to gain knowledge.

0.1 million Chinese study in american universities but did that make them american? did that cause them to stop thinking about there nation? the answer is surprisingly NO. They come back to there homeland to contribute in whatever way possible. Ever single one of us should first try to be a better Pakistani and must pledge not to contribute in any action against morality. Be it voting for a corrupt leader on ethical grounds or compromising your national interest for the sake of your own interest in any way.

Aqib Khalique: Should we follow the guidelines laid down by our great forefathers like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal?
M. M. Alam: We should do that too but must not rely on this factor too much. We must find new leaders among ourselves. The Americans and Chinese do remember Lincoln and Mao Zedong but they always talk about there present and the future that’s ahead of them because of which they are the most developed nations on this heavenly body today. There might be hundreds of innate leaders present in today’s society of ours but the only thing that’s lacking is the courage to speak against evil. We should have it,not having which might cause us to lose the the freedom that we as a nation possess today.

Aqib Khaliqe: What message will you like to give those reading this and our young generation of today which serves as the backbone of this great nation for which you gave your sweat and blood for? and finally what do you predict about the future of this great state?
M. M. Alam: I will like to conclude by saying that our younger generation has more potential and the resources as compared to the youth of 1947 when Pakistan was created but the only thing lacking is sheer willpower to make a change.They must make a difference on every level possible. We only need the right intentions to make a difference and the political leadership which we could easily find in our own general populace.

How is that possible that we fail at finding a bunch of honest people? Pakistan was made for a reason, it consumed more than a million lives and countless loss of belongings in the creation of it. I just cannot believe that it will be destroyed or whatever the west propaganda’s about its future.

It will survive and a revolution will come and this corrupt, ruthless and brutal elite will be overthrown by the masses. Justice will prevail InshaAllah, hopelessness is disbelief according to our religion. The younger generation should care about the country that has provided them with all the well-being and freedom of action that they have today. Our youth must rise as its now or never. Its up-to them to decide whether they select to be buried among those people which got demolished due to their hibernation.

Aqib Khalique: Thank you sir for your time it was a pleasure listening to your extremely motivating and thought provoking words of wisdom. Today I learned why Pakistan’s defense has been invincible during the course of its history.
M. M. Alam: Its all because of students like you who still admire and love people like us that i am still highly hopeful of Pakistan’s future.I would like to state finally that the institution that you’re being taught into must be having high moral values because of which today you’re with me.

Very few students of your age has come up to me and asked me about those issues that we discussed today. If all the intuitions start educating there affiliates about those who gave their lives and everything they had for the defense of this great nation then i believe that a more patriotic youth might emerge among us.

This interview is conducted by Aqib Khalique, who is a student at Southshore School.

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