A Message By Brigadier Zubair Ahmed (Administrator – DHA Karachi)

It is a matter of immense pleasure and honour for having been appointed as Administrator DHA Karachi. I am extremely grateful to Allah Almighty for having given me the opportunity to work for the wellbeing of residents of DHA. I also take this opportunity to profoundly thank my seniors at GHQ for reposing their trust by selecting me for this prestigious appointment. I solemnly pledge to do my best to live up to the expectations.

Brigadier Zubair Ahmed (Administrator – DHA Karachi)Residents of DHA Karachi are extremely dear to us and we value them the most. I am aware that some of the areas related to civic and municipality services need serious interventions. Similarly security situation at DHA also merits due attention. Through joint efforts of all stake holders including DHA, CBC and our worthy dwellers, we can bring about definite improvements. DHA Head Office will spare no efforts to make its constituency worth its name.

DHA residents are the most prominent stake holders of DHA and without their requisite support, efforts and contributions, no meaningful improvement can be introduced and implemented. Their cooperation will always be solicited. May I request them to kindly play their key role in making their neighborhood cleaner, greener and secure. Together we can make the difference.

DHA Phase 1-7 is our Heritage, Phase 8 is our jewel and DHA City is our Future. I am committed to ensure that each one of our segment gets due attention for a better and prosperous future.

At the end, I would like to thank my team / Staff at DHA head Office and DHA City for their valuable contributions. They have been doing a great job. Through their renewed, rejuvenated and sustained efforts, we will introduce further improvements to attain excellence.

I wish peace, health, success and prosperity to all the stakeholders of DHA. May Allay be always on our side (Amin).

Brigadier Zubair Ahmed
DHA Karachi

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  1. Scott says:

    We live in phase 8 it is filthy.
    Broken and third world trash

  2. Fayaz says:

    It is heartening to see such commitments.
    May ALLAHswt guide us all.Ameen.

    May l suggest that residents’ complaints & suggestions be solicited thru email, for which a form can be designed to auto categorise complaints by say nature,phase,etc To ensure authenticity,address &/or other field be compulsory.
    It will also result in DHA admin bring aware of genuine issues and their extent.
    Best of luck.
    Best rewards.
    Fiyaz Longi

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    I live at cafe Clifton Phase V. Allow me to say that the cafes near my area has become a red zone area and that’s why even families don’t feel safe going out there. Even group of young age school going girls and boys come in their uniforms [surely bunking the classes and leaving the innocent parents unaware] in the afternoon and in the evening its totally shameful and humiliating to see the dirtiest side of our city that is growing as a culture unfortunately. Its a disgrace to even look outside. The culture of Cafes are promoting a lot of questions for the residents. I don’t know if my voice will be heard or not but if not taken any prompt action against this, then like most of the defence areas, it will not be a place for families to live peacefully and respectfully.
    Please get the investigation done, you will find thousands of proofs.
    Anticipating quick and permanent solution for this ethically absurd problem faced by us.

  4. Fahad khan says:

    Dear Administrator,

    I am a member of Golf club and enjoy swimming. Today before the swimming there were few members who tested chlorine level and I am shocked that the level was zero.
    I usually swim with my son and am concerned now.

    Can you please investigate the reason behind this misshape and ensure that there are enough checks through out the day to ensure Chlorine level is maintained as required for Naegleria.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Fahad Khan

  5. Fawaz Jeddavi says:

    I live in DHA phase IV. Have been complaining to DHA regarding seepage and illegal construction for a couple of years now but no response from DHA.

    Seems they are only interested in taking money from the poor fruit/vegetable sellers in the area.

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