What is DHAToday?

DHATodayDHAToday launched in 2012, is one of the top online resource for DHA Karachi & Clifton to help you get the most and accurate information in quick time. DHA Today provides content, connections, and awareness to the Defence and Clifton community.

We are an online guide for residents and visitors of DHA Karachi and Clifton. Our users enjoy access to our content wherever and whenever they need it.

Our mission is to bring the Defence & Clifton community together through this website. Residents of DHA Karachi & Clifton can use the site to find restaurants, shops, professional services, community information, new residences etc. Visitors can stay in great places close to different attractions and dine at award-winning restaurants etc.

Because we are a small business, our mission is to help other local small-businesses generate awareness of their brand. When you link your business with DHA Today, you’ll be able to target local audience by interest. Visitors, as well as DHA Karachi & Clifton residents, refer to our Calendar of Events to find fun activities for the entire family.

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DHAToday’s Email Newsletters are sent to a dedicated database keeping people updated on what is happening around the DHA Karachi & Clifton. Whether you are a foody, a film buff or just looking for information the dedicated DHAToday newsletters cater for your every need. Click here to Subscribe.

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Increase the success rate of your business with DHAToday’s Business Listing. DHA Karachi & Clifton based businesses should list and link on the specific directory page that best identifies the business. To list your business in our directory, click here.


DHAToday offers a unique and rare proposition for advertisers that target the specific audience of DHA Karachi & Clifton. With narrow niche, and specified audience, DHAToday is best placed to offer maximum ROI for advertisers. For more information, click here.

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