Acute Shortage of Water in DHA/CBC Reviewed!

Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed chaired an important meeting held at DHA Head Office to review the existing acute shortage of water in DHA/CBC and to follow up the progress of measures taken for its resolution in the earlier meeting held on the subject between MD KWSB and Administrator DHA.

MD KWSB Mr Misbahuddin Farid, Station Commander Karachi Brig Muhammad Zahir Malik, reps of Headquarters 5 Corps and officials of DHA, CBC and KWSB attended the meeting.

Acute Shortage of Water in DHA CBC Reviewed

Administrator highlighted the dire need of resolving the water crisis in DHA on emergent basis. MD KW&SB reiterated that Water Board would ensure provision of 8.2 MGD bulk supply of water to DHA/CBC before the start of Ramadan as against the existing supply of around 5 MGD of water. He also promised that KWSB would supply an additional 1 MGD water to DHA for which he asked KWSB staff to make necessary arrangements at the earliest.

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