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Administrator DHA Addresses on the Subject of ‘Professional Paradigm’

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali addressed the Head of Departments of DHA on the subject of ‘Professional Paradigm’ highlighting the significance of promoting professionalism to make the work culture of the organization truly productive and dynamic in its essence. He said that competence and integrity based on commitment were the cornerstones of professionalism. He stressed that adherence to professionalism in letter and spirit as the most essential factor for maintaining the reputation, good name and credibility of any organization in present challenging times.

Administrator said that professional paradigm based on beliefs and practices could be truly promoted through self driven intrinsic goals. He said that since the directors had already been bestowed with financial, administrative and executive powers so it was imperative on them to constantly review and evaluate their performance objectively to achieve the cherished goals.

Administrator delineated the importance of creating dynamic work ethics for successful performance of an organization. He said that professionalism combined with compassion formed the basis of work ethics whereas assertiveness, passion and accountability constitute its driving force.

Administrator said that sincerity, integrity, dedication and commitment to service constitute the essential characteristics of successful leaders. He said that the purpose of any planning should ultimately aim to develop positive mindset of supervisors in a complex and competitive environment. He concluded that self actualization coupled with work ethics leads to productivity and success of any organization.


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