Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali Addressed the Staff Members of DHA

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali addressed the staff members of DHA who have recently been given promotion to next grade/rank at Defence Authority Creek Club. Administrator highlighted the significance of promotion philosophy and ethos of work culture at DHA. A large number of DHA employees have recently been promoted as per the stipulated DHA promotion policy.

Administrator congratulated the staff on their well earned promotion and said that the reward of promotion made it imperative on them to work hard with utmost devotion and professional exuberance. He said that dedication, loyalty and competence must remain their motto which should prompt them to give quality output in their work. He emphasized that spirit of commitment and service to organization and the residents should be the hallmark of DHA’s work culture.

Administrator said that the staff has been promoted based on their demonstrated performance strictly on merit in a transparent manner. He asked the employees who could get promotion to continue working hard with sincerity of purpose so that they could be promoted in the next Promotion Board to be held shortly. He appreciated DHA HR Department for holding the promotion Board in an immaculate manner and asked them to make it a regular feature of DHA working policy.

Administrator in the end urged the DHA staff to uphold DHA’s good name, credibility and reputation at all costs in all their undertakings.

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