Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali Visited Dar-ul-Sukoon

Dar-ul-Sukun located at Kashmir Road looks after the abandoned and vulnerable children with disabilities with utmost care and affection. The organization envisions a society where all people with disability get preferential status in access to due healthcare, education, food, shelter and employment opportunity to live integrated and dignified life. Dar-ul-Sukun uphold the cherished values of its organization in all its planning and conduct implying respect and value for each other through utilization of all its resources efficiently in an optimum manner.


Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited the Dar-ul-Sukun setup, mixed up with the special children and spent some time with them who were delighted to find him amongst them. The students on the occasion presented an impressive talent show showcasing their talent and potential. Administrator appreciated the children’s performance which he said was encouraging and reflected their high spirits and moral despite their disabilities.


He said that he would never have seen such a lively life which the special children and inhabitants of Dar-ul-Sukun imbibed with a spirit of renewed confidence and optimism depicted had he not come here. Later GM Dar-ul-Sukun Mr Morris Khurshed and Incharge of the setup Sister Ruth Lewis conducted the Administrator through the facility where he saw the upkeep, facilities and humanitarian working of the organization.


Administrator termed the working of Dar-ul-Sukun as impressive and a shining example of service to the humanity. He commended the philanthropic role and missionary zeal of the management with which they were serving the noble cause of helping the humanity in distress. He eulogized the noble role of Dar-ul-Sukun in the word, ‘Services; Thy Humanity is the Divine Message’. He also gave a donation of Rs. 1 Million for the welfare and wellbeing of the children of the setup.

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