Administrator DHA Karachi Brig Shahid Hassan Ali Visits DHA City Karachi (DCK)

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited DHA City Karachi on Super Highway and spent two consecutive days at the project site. He spent a busy time at DHA City visiting all the development sites including Sector 3 where the infrastructure and sector development work has been completed and the sector will soon be opened for construction as a harbinger of an exquisitely unique quality of living in the area.


The Administrator visited various buildings of social/community utility including school, masjid, hospital, kindergarten, ICT, security centre and college buildings which are being completed at a galloping pace as per the highest engineering standards of construction. He directed the concerned officials to leave no stone unturned to provide an ambience of modern, secure and comfortable living experience to residents. He said that provision of basic amenities of life including electricity, water and gas must be ensured before allowing construction activities in DCK.


Brig Ali drove through the DCK road network across the entire area and visited many other projects including the site of DHA Suffa University Campus which is being built as a world class university in DCK’s Central Business District. He also visited the state-of-the-art Farm Houses project in Sector-2 which are being completed speedily in the picturesque location of DCK and will change the concept of the luxurious life style of living in the country.


Administrator appreciated the quality, standard and pace of ongoing development activities and termed them impressive which substantiates DHA’s credibility in the field of housing and development. Brig Shahid Hassan Ali also attended a marathon session of presentations on various DCK projects and gave prompt and pragmatic decision that will help to accelerate the development activities on sound footing.


Administrator met the officers and staff of DCK and commended their zeal and commitment with which they were working to make DCK a unique city of international stature. He asked the DCK management to maintain highest degree of professional standards in all their undertakings to uphold the good name, credibility and reputation of DCK at all cost.


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