Administrator DHA Multan Brig Hammad Aziz Called on Administrator DHA Karachi

Administrator DHA Multan Brig Hammad Aziz called on Administrator DHA Karachi Brig Shahid Hassan Ali in his Office and remained with him for some times. They discussed matters of mutual interest. Brig Shahid Hassan apprised Administrator DHA Multan about the development strategy, mega development projects and community welfare measures being taken by DHA as a leading Housing Authority of the country.

Administrator DHA Multan commended the pace and quality of development works going on in DHA/DCK and termed them as reassuring substantiating the credibility and professionalism of the Housing Authority. He said that the bench mark standards established by DHA Karachi in master planning, town planning and community development field are a source of inspiration and guidance for other housing authorities of the country to emulate. He thanked Administrator for the hospitality extended to him and wished DHA Karachi glorious success in its future plans.

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