Administrator DHA Visited DHA Security and Vigilance (S&V) Directorate Office

Administrator DHA Brig Ibrar Hussain Bhatti visited DHA Security and Vigilance (S&V) Directorate Office at Seaview DHA Phase-V. Administrator reviewed the performance and working of DHA Vigilance which has become a fortress of trust and sense of security for residents and visitors alike and is always ready to respond effectively to any unforeseen situation.

Director DHA Security and Vigilance Brig Muhammad Abdul Mansoor Khan (Retd) gave an indepth briefing on the role, organization and the functioning of DHA Vigilance. He said that DHA Vigilance is tasked with the onerous responsibility of ensuring across the board implementation of DHA by-laws and to provide secure and safe living environment to the residents in the area. He added that S&V Department was fully geared up with state-of-the-art electronic cameras which have been installed at all exit/entrance points and focal venues for keeping effective vigil of the area.

Director S&V further said that DHA Vigilance through effective mobile patrolling, electronic surveillance and quick response mechanism was augmenting the efforts of Police to keep a check on criminal activities in the area and to maintain peaceful and safe environment in DHA. He also highlighted the performance and achievements of DHA Vigilance force towards maintaining security and safety in DHA.

Administrator appreciated the efficacy, performance and operational preparedness of DHA Vigilance. He said that S&V individuals were working with utmost dedication and devotion which was commendable. He reiterated that DHA would expand and equip DHA Vigilance with modern weapons, transport and communication to enable it to function as a dynamic force that also acts as eyes and ears of DHA.

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