Administrator DHA Visits the DHACSS Montessori

DHA accords highest priority to promotion of education and accordingly has a network of DHA College & School System (DHACSS) educational institutions for provision of quality education from pre-school to college level. DHA Montessori has recently undergone a massive renovation and modernization process and converted into a state-of-the-art DHACSS Montessori Campus. The DHACSS Montessori stands out as a prime institution which provides intellectually stimulating and academically enriching environment for developing children’s personality to lay their sound educational foundation.

Brig Ibrar Hussain Bhatti, Administrator DHA visited the newly refurbished DHACSS Montessori and saw various infrastructure and modern educational facilities developed as per the contemporary educational trends. These facilities include a new science lab, arts and crafts corner and activity area. Administrator appreciated the vibrant and colourful ambience and aesthetically created environment in the Montessori which will help children to assimilate knowledge and will polish their learning skills in their formative age.

Administrator also went round the classes and saw the children engaged in their educational activities. He appreciated the teachers, who were passionately involved in educating and teaching the toddlers in a creative and innovative manner.

Earlier, the Principal Ms Ayesha Wasti, explained the newly developed curricular and top-of-the-line exclusive educational facilities created for the young students in the Montessori. DHACSS Montessori has become the state-of-the-art Montessori in the metropolis.

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