Administrator’s Address to Internee Employees of DHA Karachi

DHA is a progressive and forward looking corporate body which employees best of the manpower which is talented, able and dedicated to the cause and capable to deliver to the best of their ability. Administrator DHA addressed the newly inducted internee employees in DHA who would perform their duties in respective directorates/setups of the Housing Authority. Administrator in his address delineated the policy guideline, vision and expectations of DHA from its staff/employees.

Administrator at the outset congratulated the new inductees and asked them to perform their job with utmost dedication imbued with a sense of service and professional exuberance. He said that courtesy, politeness and resident friendly attitude must be the galvanizing spirit underlining all their actions and conduct. He added that community oriented approach must remain the foremost priority in all their professional dealings and interactions with the residents.

Administrator advised the internees to uphold credibility, reputation and prestige of the organization at all cost in all their transactions /undertakings. He said that DHA expects them to conduct themselves with professional pride, responsibility and dynamic spirit. He said that service to the residents must remain the corner stone of their all actions. He advised them that their conduct should be dignified, exemplary and above board so that they could win the respect, trust and support of the residents.

Administrator stressed on the importance of values of punctuality, discipline and loyalty in their lives so that they could excel in their carrier with a sense of pride and dignity. He assured the employees that DHA was mindful of their devoted work/performance and would do everything to ensure their welfare and wellbeing within its available resources. He reiterated that service comes first and must remain the foremost priority of all officers, staff and employees of DHA while discharging their work/assignments.

A spirited question/answer session followed the address which ended on a happy note.

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