After Sabeen – Pakistan Premiere

After Sabeen – Karachi Premiere in the presence of the director, Schokofeh Kamiz and the protagonists.

Synopsis of the film:
Karachi, Pakistan. 24 April 2015. A car stops at a red-light. Inside
are two women: Sabeen and her mother Mahenaz.

Two guys on a motorcycle stop and open fire. Sabeen dies on the spot; her mother gets wounded but survives.

Moments before she was killed, Sabeen Mahmud, founder, and director of the non-profit cultural institution Peace Niche,had hosted a discussion on the unexplained and ongoing disappearances of more than 20,000 activists and civilians in the country.
Sabeen had been warned and advised to cancel the event but she went ahead insisting, “someone’s got to do this!”

In the wake of the killing, the director tiptoes „After Sabeen“ following her mother and friends to record notonly their memories and grief but their ongoing impetus to continue Sabeen’s work.

Venue: Capri Cinema, Near Seven Day Saddar, Karachi.
Date: 29th September, 2019
Time: 11am – 1 30pm
Event Link:

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