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A picture is worth a thousand words. The depth and emotions if captured appropriately take the picture to another level; when a lot can be said without uttering a single word. Such is the power of a picture. Photography is a talent inborn or one that is learnt.

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A simple fine line demarks the distinction between the two; pictures from a person with an inborn talent possess a sense of depth and emotions in contrast to a person who has a DSLR and takes pictures. A lot many aspects of photography to have to be learnt by people, the right balance of light, angle, aperture and a million other nitty-gritty’s.

Only once the person has mastered the technicalities does the effect of supreme pictures comes into play.be it a person with an inborn quality or one who learns- both have to master the techniques. Workshops, international classes, photography lesson add a fair bit of value to the pictures taken. A person will be able to explore a lot many possibilities of capturing the best shot, if one possesses the combination of technique and talent. Thus the pictures taken by such photographers have a superior touch to them.

People in general are stunned by the beauty of the pictures, asking again and again if this snap was really taken by the person in question. A sudden upswing has been noticed in the number of people owing DSLR’s, but sadly not many can boast about their photography abilities.

AJ Studio Wedding Photography - DHA KarachiThe comments and compliments received are for the high quality results- thanks to the camera. A real photographer can work magic with his shots without adding a lot of editing. Most of the studios use artificial backdrops and props for wedding photograph, not only does it look monotonous, it is extremely common. Thus the pictures become one thick set of album for people to flip through, out of courtesy.

For a little extra oomph and extraordinary factor one has to think outside the box-this is when the name of AJ Studio pops up in the mind.

Address: 19-C, Stadium Lane 1, Khadda Market, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35846191, 021-35846192 and 0300-8229414
Email: info@ajstudio.com.pk
Website: http://ajstudio.com.pk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajstudio.com.pk/

To his accreditations AJ has over 19 years of experience which reflects through each of his elegant shots highlighting the minutest details in pristine high quality. It is important for the couple and the families to be at ease with the photographer- AJ is the king of this arena.

The pictures are stunning and elegant taken in minimal settings which further enhance the natural beauty of the couple together on their big day. Pictures taken in a natural set up bring depth to each shot; it breaks the monotony of posing in a small studio.

While the bride and groom enjoy the open air shoot and freely express emotions of love and happiness, AJ is around snapping pictures. What could be better than a photo shoot in the open in a naturally beautiful setting with the best photographer out there capturing each moment to imprison forever on film? The experience is mesmerizing and most certainly remember able.

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