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We Pakistanis are an adventurous nation. We like to experiment and sort out the best. After experimenting and deriving our traditional recipes as much as we could (though it is ongoing) we have now turned towards the foreign tastes. Arabic cuisine is the new sensation in town nowadays. After Mandi House and the likes, you are presented with Al Maharah – Middle Eastern Cuisine. Cheers!

The place is a two storey building having a family space and floor seating on the top storey. Ground floor is mostly for the benefit of office workers and individuals. The exterior is like a posh restaurant built to impress one at first sight. The ground floor is like any other casual eating place but once you climb the stairs you feel the Arabic atmosphere starting to grip you. Once you look at the menu and start ordering food using particular Arabic names, you feel yourself on the brink of Arabia and the moment you take the first bite of your food you are transported directly to that land of crude exquisiteness.

The menu is categorized and although each category is not heavy on options, the items altogether are more than enough to choose from. Start your meal with Soups (Laham Shorba- mutton yakhni) and Salads (Tabouleh Salad- mixed raw veggies) and proceed to Barbecue (Koobideh Kabab – a blend of mutton and beef mince). Get the traditional roti salan menu in Bread (Khubz) and Curry (Agda Dajaj – chicken boneless) choices. Mandi (Mutton Madfoon) is of course an option in an Arabic menu. Quench your spicy thirst with the Drinks (Fruit Juices, Margarita or Plain Water) and conclude with Dessert (Traditional Kunafa or Signature Rafaello ice-cream). But the best is yet to come.

Have fun with Fakhr-e-Laham Turkea. It is a spicy mutton dish and the fun part is it is covered with tandoori bread all over — including the bowl it is served in!

It is one of the best culinary options for you if you are a lover of Middle Eastern food. Reserve your place today to enjoy this delight of taste buds.

Address: Main Khaliq uz Zaman Road, Clifton Block 8, Opposite BACHAA PARTY Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact: (021) 35363926


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