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Ear piercing is a traditional practice following the birth of a baby girl. It is often the grand mothers and the mother who take the toddler for ear piercing, no doubt a proud moment for the ladies but a painful one for the baby girl. Ever wonder why? Well because it has been going on since aeons and it is certainly not going to change anytime soon and the question is why it should change?

Mothers love to dress up baby girls; pink is a colour chosen by default, thus anything and everything a baby girl will have has to be pink. As girls grow up they learn from their surroundings; lip colours, nail colours, fancy hair styles become alluring.

Mothers will notice this change and set age limits to each fashion trend. However very soon comes a time mothers have dreamed off since the day they held their baby girls; the wedding day. Mothers anxiously wait to see their daughters in their bridal dresses, but somewhere deep down they feel empty as they see them go away.

The preparations for the bridal dress begin the moment the day and date is decided. It is a task which will sap all energy out of the bride and her entourage because the dress has to perfect. It has to be exactly what the bride has imagined. Family and friends make it their utmost priority to make every dream come true.

Along the lines of finding the perfect wedding ensemble is another important element- the makeup. Despite how elegant the dress is, if makeup on the big day does not complement the ensemble then all preparation done are wasted.

For the bride, the life changing joyous moment becomes a complete nightmare. A crestfallen looking bride because of sub-standard makeup services is the worst happening. Thus we recommend Alle’nora by Aliya Tipu located in Clifton.

Address: D-80, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35864239 and 021-35878279

Aliya Tipu has over 22 years of experience in dressing up brides and models. She stands out firmly among the top names in the makeup industry at home and abroad; a feat achieved spectacularly. Taking on the challenges of the makeup industry, Aliya Tipu brings about a natural elegance in the brides with her makeups; a feat not easily achieved because it requires a delicate sense of balance.

Brides by Aliya never lose their natural features since each makeup is done with the utmost care and perfection so the natural beauty becomes all the more radiant. Working alongside Aliya Tipu is her daughter Anna A. Khan who shares her mother’s flair and her own sense of makeup style- a highly talented mother daughter duo.

A treat while at Alle’Nora is meeting the majestic Aliya Tipu herself. Wedding and Valima makeups for brides by Aliya Tipu are glamorous and elegant; in a word- dazzling. Brides-to-be and the mothers listen up: Alle’nora by Aliya Tipu is the destination to be at for bridal make ups. Without further ado call up and get the bookings rolling to make the big day extra special.

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    wats ur bridal makeup charges???n can u provide expert out of karachi for wedding service?

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