Time travel faster then wind, nowadays every body trying to compete with other in each task of life. Nobody have time to stop and create something new to energize own self. In this busiest world we need some break to realize where we are, what actual we want from life. To boost your mind, ambiance work more then motivation. Chefs are only one’s that actually trying to boost your mood through their cooking expressions and cuisines taste.

We always want to spent quality time with our love ones. To make unforgettable memories, to celebrate success stories, to hangout with friends, to shed happy tear with family conversation, to propose your love or to just enjoy candle light dinner under starry night with your partner. For all these thing someone need an authentic place with both ambiance, sophistication and mouth watering cuisines.

Karachi welcomes you to serve in its most prestigious way that nobody ever did for you. As Karachi already serving all desi to international cuisine amongst with newly innovative serving techniques and style, its your choice where you want to go. All streets have some food centers and restaurant for food lovers to enjoy with happiness and pride.

Karachi lovers are aware with its beauty and pride. Lots of restaurants are now giving both indoor and outdoor dining services with all luxurious style that one’s desire. In which, AMBROSIA located at the most old street yet quite busiest area of Clifton, Halim Alvi Road, that was firstly dedicated for Chai Cafes has now been replaced by this auspicious fine dining place. Actually quite resemble all the feature about sophisticated phenomenon of dining in luxurious place with all amazing services, a Mediterranean restaurant with all styles of cuisines mostly Italian are to much tasty. An unparalleled fine dining restaurant, the first-of-its-kind in Pakistan, bringing with artistically delivered authentic Mediterranean cuisine’s.

Authentically renowned place of ambrosia as “ Food or Nectar of the (Greek) God”, because of its well luxurious, comfortable and prestigious services. Restaurant have both  indoor and outdoor seating area with all comfort zone, among with spacious parking space outside as avoiding traffic and rashly issues. Lush green garden with dim and romantic lights decor under starry sky actually mesmerize you and best for candle light dinner in quite cold night with each table have its separate electric socket to be alert and recharge your mobiles on time. Tag of luxury and expensive, Ambrosia is actually quite same on inside to outside.

After entering inside, what get your attention first is soft 80s blues playing in the background that actually gives you quite relaxation to feel free and more attentive. Mesmerizing and spectacular grand decor luxury is actually extremely comfy with styling in hues of cream and brown lightening with antique yet stunning artistic work on walls also adorn you to capture perfect selfie or good pictures for blogs or social media sites.

Restaurant consist of two levels with an open kitchen and cocktail bar. First level suited for peace makers, who like to seat in quite and observe its surrounding whereas the second level is only allocated for youngsters, who want to watch live cooking session in kitchen and rejoice their skills happily.

Ambrosia, signature complimentary slogan is their crust thin pizza in any flavour that serve to every customer is special metaphor now. Chef JALAL HAIDER, himself bring imported porcini mushrooms for customers to enjoy fine dine affairs. Jalal also help customer to choose among almost 100 items according to their taste and needs with well behaved manner. No compromise on ingredients and to serve healthy food with perfect balance to their customer shows their first choice. All ingredients actually imported mostly from abroad or specific shops for spices and herbs with freshly cut meat from butchers. No discrimination accepted among customers as come first get first serve policy work here.

Ambrosia already serving more then 100 cuisines along with appetizer to main course and drinks to desserts and cocktails. Speciality of Ambrosia is, every single table get complimentary crust thin pizza(any flavour) with lots of cheese layer. For appetizers Frito Misto, Garlic Spicy Crab, the Spicy Cigar, Tiger Prawn, Tempura, fried Camembert, Artichoke Dip are quite notable. As for soups, Tomato Basil, Mushroom, Minestrone Soup actually worthy. For main course, Spicy Prawns, Chicken Alfredo Fettucine, Moroccan Chicken, Mexican Chicken, Sea Steak, Parme San Chicken, Mediterranean Fish, Pesto Pasta super yummicious with along side of desserts and cocktails list as kiwi mojito, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Ginger Spice Ice Cream and Melting Chocolate Ball really are tongue tantalizing tasty. Lots of other items as well waiting for your compliment.

Ambrosia is not easy on pocket but worthy for fine dining. Mr. Ali and his business partner have completely transform the place as unique 15 feet bamboo tick wall with European  windows with chandelier on the ceiling appealing you to come again and again. Inside 50 seats are easily available for customers to dine in with approximately 20 seats as well on outside with proper sitting and comfy zone. All staff have good manner, proper behavior with quick serving without delaying any time. Ambrosia also provide a silent small token of appreciation for dining here with something like chocolate, an air-freshener and thanking note as a nice gesture. A place of extremely fine dining for ambiance with exotic Mediterranean cuisines with proper cooking to serving process. Innovation always indicate ambrosia to its higher place as price rang start from Rs.1500 to Rs. 5000 with portions to satisfy your taste and hunger in authentic yet amazing way. So ambrosia should be on your to-do list as well for some fine dine plannings.

Address: Bungalow No. 76, Hatim Alvi Road, Old Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan-75600
Phone: 0300-8870999
Timing: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-00:00 | Friday-Saturday 12:00-01:00

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