Analysing DHA Karachi Dominance in Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector

It is beyond question or argument that Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is the most popular real estate enterprise in Pakistan at the moment. Whether it is Lahore, Karachi or even Islamabad, where DHA is in its infancy by comparison, it consistently heads search trends. This is very understandable, seeing as DHA is widely trusted as an organisation and offers facilities, amenities and communities that are practically second to none.

Aside from constantly working to expand its scope in the three major cities of Pakistan with new phases and spin-off projects, DHA is now also set to move into new cities such as Multan and Gujranwala, which are fertile soils for the seeds of real estate goodness to be sown. These moves have been welcomed by residents and real estate professionals of both cities.

So in this article, we will analyze DHA Karachi in more detail, taking a look at which of its phases are currently the most popular among property hunters. This information is extremely useful for our readers looking to invest in DHA, because they stand to profit from smartly investing in phases that are in high demand and therefore more likely to increase in value over time.

Analysing DHA Karachi Dominance in Pakistan's Real Estate Sector

The qualities that make DHA such a sought-after address everywhere else become positively essential when it comes to Karachi. This amazing city has sadly been subjected to violence and plagued by security issues for years now, and DHA offers the perfect haven where residents feel safe and cared for. Its ideal location close to the sea is also a huge positive factor, and several high-end projects in and around it, such as DHA’s own Creek Vista luxury apartments, Emaar Pakistan’s Crescent Bay, and The Arkadians by the AKD Group make it that much more desirable.

Analysing DHA Karachi Dominance in Pakistan's Real Estate Sector

Karachi’s real estate market also felt the heat from cautious investors. While genuine buyers in established societies kept the market from coming to a complete standstill, under-development projects that depend heavily on investors suffered declines in prices.

As a result, 1-kanal plots in DHA Karachi and Gulistan-e-Jauhar gained 2.10% and 2.72% respectively in value month-on-month, but prices in DHA City Karachi came down 9.40% in the same time span. However, this trend is unlikely to continue in the long term and prices in places like DHA City Karachi should stabilise once the political deadlock is resolved. Prices in Gulshan-e-Iqbal remained steady, losing only a minute 0.23% in value month-on-month.

Analysing DHA Karachi Dominance in Pakistan's Real Estate Sector

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    please indicate ON money on under mentioned plots
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    Both plots 20 year instalment

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