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Wedding seasons mean hours of endless shopping for clothes, matching shoes and jewellery for the relatives and friends, but for the family of the bride- nonstop flow of guests and arrangements. Weddings are a happy and joyous occasion but hectic at the same time. Every little bit has to be perfect or as close to perfect as possible. The bride herself can only do as much as the dresses and the makeup, that too with assistance. Other than that, every bit of work is in the hands of the family, close relatives and guests.

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Weddings are a roller coaster of emotions for everyone who is closely involved or related. One moment the home is echoing loud music and laughter and the next moment the bride overcome with emotion on parting begins to cry. Preparations for the wedding begin at least two to three months before the actual day; and the time is still less. Most importantly -once the dresses for the big days have been decided- begins the search for the makeup artist in town.

The brides are always anxious about the kind of makeup they would be getting on their weddings- nothing too over the top or underwhelming- a perfect balance instead. The main stream salons often end up producing signature makeups on brides, which not only look bad, they also give an assembly line patent production look. The brides tend to have a signature look which is often far from beautiful.

Anam (Salon) Clifton Karachi - International Celebrity Makeup

To break the monotony of the signature makeups and hairstyles for brides is a salon located in Clifton by the name of ANAM. Anam is the youngest makeup artist in the fraternity right now, though she has an edge like no other.

Phone: 0321-2825051

She is an international celebrity makeup artist who has carved out a niche with her own distinct style of makeup suited to each bride’s skin tone and features. Makeups done by Anam are never too or too less- they are just perfect. She in one of the pioneers who began proper makeup training that was at par with the international standards. Her experience over the past 8 years and an avid fan following on nearly all the social media forum is proof of her popularity as a makeup artist.

Bridal makeup at ANAM is highly appreciated by the clients and fans alike. The fan following For ANAM stands at a whopping 378k! Not an easy feat for a makeup artist so young. Ever makeup by Anam speaks volumes about her talent at working with different skin tones and balancing the colour palate to enhance the natural beauty. Brides should know that Anam works only by appointment, so if they want to make a booking for one or all of your big days, they will have to get in touch as soon as possible.

Weddings happen once in a lifetime: thus ANAM is the ideal salon to be at to get the stunning makeup. Trust Anam’s professional instincts to bring out a beautiful you on your very special day.

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    I really like anam makeup and hair styles.

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    If any girl want full body massage and relaxation professional and expertise are available at your door.

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