Annual Grand Tambola 2018 was held at DA Central Club

Defence Authority (DA) Central Club is the oldest and traditional club of DHA which is renowned for providing an extra-ordinary life style to its members. The Club keeps holding social gatherings/exclusive events which apart from providing rare entertainment also promote positive trends in the community.

An Annual Grand Tambola Evening was held at DA Central Club with great fanfare. It was an exciting event in which six houses and two jackpots were played including a Snow Ball House carrying a prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. Besides expensive prizes, two return tickets of Muscat, one return ticket of Islamabad, different electronic gadgets and a lot of attractive gift hampers were judiciously distributed among the participants. It was a festive occasion which was overwhelmingly attended by the members and their guests. The venue was filled beyond the capacity.

Lucky draw was the hallmark of the event in which three motorcycles and many other attractive prizes were exclusively given to the members. The event provided a refreshing change to the participants who enjoyed it with boisterous spirits and spent some lively time outdoor in the secure and serene environment of the club.

Administrator DHA Brig Ibrar Hussain Bhatti also attended the function and enjoyed playing Tambola alongwith other members. He appreciated DA Club for holding well organized event which was relaxing, refreshing and reviving. He directed the club to leave no stone unturned in maintaining highest standards of excellence in club’s functioning.

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