Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony at Defence Authority Junior Model School Darakhshan

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony at Defence Authority Junior Model School DarakhshanAnnual Prize Distribution Function of Defence Authority Junior Model School Darakhshan was held at School’s premises in Seaview Township here today. Dir Gen NILAT (Chief of Manpower Development, Govt of Pakistan) Ms Zulikha Zar was the chief guest on the occasion.

Ms Zulikha Zar said that children of today were the future builders of the country. She emphasized that children should be provided best education and groomed properly to become successful and dynamic individuals in life. She appreciated the confidence and superb performance of the young students which was embodiment of hope and bright future of the nation.

The chief guest said that education was the essence of life and the permeated spirit of development and progressive activities. She lamented that education and human resource development were the most neglected sectors in our national priorities resultantly the educational standards and literacy rate of the country were abysmally low in the world. She said that the salvation of the nation laid on promotion of quality education in the country.

Earlier the Principal, Ms Seemi Munir in her address said that the educational programmes and activities in the School focused on intellectual and emotional development of students to make them confident, dynamic and successful individuals. She also highlighted the distinguished performance of the School in various academics and co-curricular activities.

Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony at Defence Authority Junior Model School DarakhshanThe students on the occasion presented an enthralling variety programme. The English skit ‘Sun Flower’ depicted that how ambitious wishes brought harm in life. An English play, ‘Akbar, Birbal and the little witness’ superbly presented the grandeur and the prevalent justice in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

An Urdu play ‘Chacha Chackan ne Khat Likha’ was a melodious and humorous presentation depicting the literary and social culture of Luckhnow era of the yester years. The School choir consisting of enthusiastic and beaming young students presented melodious and exhilarating songs which enthralled the audience.

At the end the chief guest distributed shields and certificates among the students who excelled in various curricular and co-curricular activities. She also gave certificates to the teachers and staff members of the School who significantly contributed towards the progress and development of School.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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