Annual Sports Day and Prize Distribution Ceremony of DHACSS Neelum Campus

The Annual Sports Day and Prize Distribution Ceremony of DHACSS Neelum Campus was held at DHA Zamzama Club with enthusiasm and much fanfare. Director Education DHA, Brig Reza Hasan, SI(M) (Retd) was the chief guest of the function.

The students on the occasion presented a fabulous programme. The presentation included guard of honour, march past, national songs and superb gymnastic performance. Different sports events including athletics and exciting races by students were the highlight of the ceremony. The segment of races comprised of crown race, character race; of famous cartoon characters, hop race, relay race and commando race.

A breathtaking wonderful PT display was presented by the student which includes various movements and mesmerizing formations, that made everyone speechless. Dribbling of basketball and gymnastics drills were also worth seeing in which little gymnasts gave a magnificent performance.

The chief guest said that sports help in developing the sterling qualities of discipline, self assurance and cooperation in students which is so essential for the growth of a healthy and dynamic personality. He reiterated that sports are essential ingredient of education that provided a sound foundation for life. He commended DHACSS Neelum Campus for maintaining high academic standards and for its excellent overall performance in all fields of activities.

The Principal, Ms Shazia Saleem presented the annual report of the school. She said that the School provided intellectually stimulating and academically vibrant environment to imbibe confidence, ability and decisiveness in students which was essential for progress in life.

The chief guest awarded prizes to the students who excelled in various curricular and non-curricular activities. He also awarded certificates of merit to the teachers. Finally a spectacular firework brought an end to the show that left everyone in the audience in a hypnotic state.

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