Around the World in 18 days! – A Summer Camp

Around the World in 18 days is a summer camp by The C I R C U S Events in collaboration with Easel Bay.

This camp is even more exciting than the name sounds as your kids will be taken on a soul stirring journey across the globe where they will be exposed to the language, culture, cuisine, local crafts, iconic landmarks and historical trivia of 18 different countries!

This camp will create empathy for our fellows in Syria and create ambition like our kids in Japan, awareness like our children in Sri Lanka and inspire strength like the ones in Africa. Sprinkle some faith from Saudia and so much more from all their favorite destinations.

This camp will ignite your child’s imagination like no other experience! Are you ready to visit 18 destinations in 18 days? So, REGISTER NOW!

Event Name: Around the World in 18 days! – A Summer Camp
Venue: Phase VI, DHA Karachi.
Date: 4th – 27th July, 2018
Time: Session 1 (10:30 am  till 01:00 pm) | Session 2 (03:00 pm  till 05:00 pm)
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