Art Therapy Workshop at T2F

Art is one of the strongest forms of expression and hence, it is an amazing way of communication. Today, one of the most common outcomes of any individual’s life are immense amount of stress and strain. In light of that, Art therapy can offer a channel to reduce stress and help you deal with anxiety and the exhaustion of everyday life.

Opening avenues to self-awareness, art therapy can lead to a higher level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) empathy; enabling one to understand one’s own emotions, it assists that individual in understanding others’ emotions as well.

Unlike the misconception that only those who are good at arts can benefit from art therapy, there is no limitation on who can avail this wonderful practice. Anyone who can make a mark on paper is qualified for the session.

This session, inclusive for everyone, will provide an outlet to express their feelings be it anger, euphoria, guilt, frustration, sadness, love or any emotions conceivable.

About the Instructor:

Farooq Parekh has been teaching and training for almost two decades. Trained in art therapy in institutes of high repute (both locally and abroad), he is currently a trainer/counsellor for many.
His education includes qualifications in Education and Sociology from University of Karachi and University of Amsterdam. He has also been working as a visiting faculty member for A’ level Psychology and Sociology with Nixor College, Southshore College, The City School and Beaconhouse School System.for several years.

Human behaviour has always been his interest and since he acquired training in Psychotherapy and Parenting, he developed a strong urge to help people around him. Among other ways, he has been using arts to help individuals and groups understand themselves better, reduce their anxiety and find happiness in their lives after getting a certificate in Art therapy.

Date: Saturday, 23rd March 2019
Timings: 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Venue: The Meeting Studio, T2F
Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/-
No. of Participants: 6
Event Link:
**To register Text/Whatsapp on 0321 2117671**

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