Arts and Craft Display held at Fomma DHA Art Centre DA Zamzama Park

Defence Authority Zamzama Park located in DHA Phase-V is a beautiful and a most frequented park which caters for physical fitness, social and recreational needs of residents to make their lives socially vibrant and culturally rich. Fomma DHA Art Centre (FDAC) located in the park is a centre of activity for promotion of arts and culture in the metropolis.

FDAC organized an Arts and Craft Exhibition of mentally challenged persons to encourage their hidden talent and abilities and to cater for their basic needs. The magnificent arts and craft work displayed at the exhibition was made by mentally ill patients. The artifacts were fantastically conceived and made/crafted by the special people in an impressive and superb manner. There was lot of variety, diversity and colours in arts pieces displayed depicting magnificent visualization and imagination put in them by artists which made them unique and attractive artifacts in its essence.

A large number of people from different walks of life visited the exhibition and appreciated the quality and presentation of work depicting the potential talent and amazing vision of special people. They included a number of NGOs working on mental health issues in society. They were full of praise for the ingenuity and lively spirit of the special people.

DHA accords highest priority to amelioration/betterment of special people in need as its CSR function. DHA’s initiatives to support and encourage arts and cultural activities will go a long way in spreading positive and creative trends in society.


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