Arts without Boundaries by The School of Writing at T2F

For the first time, The School of Writing is putting together an exhibition where various forms of performing and visual arts will tell a beautiful narrative of Karachi. An intense week of capturing, exploring, and expressing narratives of the city integrating artistic expression using photography, music, theatre, and writing which comes to an end with the exhibition of #ArtsWithoutBoundaries where students from various communities have put together performances and write ups that encapsulate the heart of their city.

Join The Second Floor on 3rd August at the Faraar Gallery, T2F from 3pm to 6pm for Arts without Boundaries, an art exhibit by The School of Writing.

About the Organisation:
The School of Writing (TSW), is a unique institution in Karachi which works in collaboration with Andover Bread Loaf Writing Workshop, Massachusetts, USA. Through its programs, TSW collects powerful narratives from communities to showcase through multimedia exhibitions, public readings, and electronic/print publications. Their creative wing aspires to draw on the cultural and material resources of local sites, and become a vibrant center for creativity in the arts, technology, and film by associating with different communal agencies, schools, and corporate organizations.

Event Name: Arts without Boundaries by The School of Writing
Venue: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi.
Date: Friday, 2nd August 2018
Time: 03:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Registration Fee: Free; It’s Your Donations that keep them going!
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