Astounding Landscapes with Diamond Nursery

Lush green trees are always calming to the nerves. The serenity steals away any worry or woe and transports the person’s thoughts to a much calmer location. Greenery from plants and trees is not only soothing to the eyes and atmosphere around, it purifies the surrounding air. The moment one steps in an environment with lots of plants, the air seems to be fresher and cooler. Thus plants are not just to beautify the homes; they tend to serve a higher purpose.

Astounding Landscapes with Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

Gardens in home provide an opportunity for landscaping. Thus gardens are given extra care; one reason is that they are the first view for a visitor and secondly they look pretty. Gardens are not just about grass and some planted trees and shrubs. If tended to carefully, they become habitats for birds and bees.

A pretty garden can serve as a resort to be enjoyed while in the confines of one’s home. In order to transform a garden into a scenic landscape, aesthetic sense, know-how of the outdoor plants and the ideal set ups should be known.

Local outdoor plants are fairly common and easy to procure, but imported outdoor plants are rather difficult to obtain. The sole reason being the cost of transportation and risks involved, thus only a handful of nursery’s can provide them. One such nursery dealing exclusively in imported plants is Diamond Nursery located at Main Korangi Road.

Address: Main Koarangi Road, Phase 2, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0322-2222213 and 0300-8237083 (Farhan Yaseen)

Diamond Nursery is the largest importer of imported indoor and outdoor plants for the purpose of wholesale or retail. Since they deal exclusively in imported plants, getting hold of the plants can be rather tricky; the reason being seasons and care.

At Diamond Nursery, the variety of outdoor plants and trees will mesmerize the customers. Towering Ficus trees at Diamond Nursery form umbrella shades naturally- stunning to look at because of the natural bright green colours, they tend to be the first choice of plants to be placed in the gardens.

Astounding Landscapes with Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

The Ficus Benjamin (weeping fig), Ficus Lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) and Ficus Elastica (rubber tree) are ideal for outdoors and can survive mild frosty winters, but they might have to be covered in case of extreme winds. Ficus trees at Diamond Nursery have stems which are interwoven together to form a mesh or net, giving the plant stems a bottled look at times.

All of the Ficus trees are imported from Thailand, China and Bangkok. The price range for Ficus plants can be anywhere from Rs 5000 to 15, 00,000, depending upon the size and age of the plant. Furthermore at Diamond Nursery is a unique tree called the “Old Man’s Palm’ which is found mostly in Cuba costing a whooping sum of Rs 200,000.

Astounding Landscapes with Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

In case of a huge garden, animal figures shaped out of Dum Dum tree can also be added. These animal figures are imported and pruned to perfection; the figures can be decked with lights, creating an astounding view. Enthusiasts with a heavy pocket can opt for Cycads Trees nearly 100 years old. Huge sprawling leaves and a burly thick stem of the Cycad trees will give a tropical feel to the garden.

Astounding Landscapes with Diamond Nursery - DHA Karachi

Diamond Nursery is pocket friendly because even with the exclusivity of imported plants, clients can find exotic outdoor plants within their budgets. It is not at all important to opt for the expensive exotic plants, instead imported plants and trees within budgets can be procured and planted to create an astounding landscape.

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  1. GreenLife says:

    Diamond nursery has a great collection of hard to find plants and are our goto nursery for special plants. The Bonsai collection they have is the rarest you can find in Karachi.

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