Aurat March Karachi 2020

Aurat March is back!

Aurat March is being organized for the past three years now, this year being the third year, on 8th March, the International Women’s Day.

Aurat March is a day to raise voice against injustice and abuse faced by women, and also to celebrate womanhood and femininity, to break the oppressive patriarchal structures.

Aurat March demands:

1) End to all forms of violence against women, trans and non binary folks, including sexual violence such as rape and sexual assault;
2) Economic justice for women to end wage gap and exploitation of women’s labour;
3) Reproductive rights;
4) Environmental justice, to ensure right to clean water and air for ALL;
5) Right to the city given to all, Karachi belongs to all women & trans people, specially those women who are poor or/and disabled.
6) An end to forced conversion of girls of religious minorities;
7) Political participation of women, trans and non binary people to be encouraged
8) An increase in women’s participation and decision-making roles in media and STEM

Men can also join the March, if are with at least two women.
Please wear surgical masks if possible.

Date: 8th March 2020
Time: 3pm
Venue: Frere Hall, Karachi.
Event Link:

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