Author Talks – Eye on the Prize at Esquires Coffee

About the Author:
Safinah D. Elahi is an aspiring Lawyer, an Educator, Writer and a Poet. A mother of two, she often finds herself juggling through various challenging roles.

About the Book:
Safinah D. Elahi’s fiction debut that revolves around three women and their unique way of dealing with the pressure.
In a world that is still gaining on at equality, these women are ready set to commit the inevitable. Once they embark on this journey, they unveil lies, hidden secrets, insecurities and meet betrayal that is enough to wreck havoc on their peace. But these women must stay determined in the face of oddity to surmount their share of challenges and keep their eye on the prize.

Edition: Paperback | 250 pages
Published: August 03, 2020 by Liberty Publishing
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